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Pepys Cast

During the first lockdown 2020, Smith (based in Wigan) collaborated with Preston based artist Faye Spencer on a series of Instagram based video performances. They ritualised text and associated actions from The Diary of Samuel Pepys relating to the plague. By formalising his words as magical actions the pair sought solace in the repetition of history and to turn his words into protection spells against the Covid Pandemic. Using objects they had in their respective houses the artists created costume. The performances were comedic and offered the artists respite from the outside world.


To accompany each performance the artists both took a selfie in their Pepys costumes. 


Performance 1. Good Goods In The Garden.

Performance 2. Expect all to breake

Performance 3 Smell & Chaw.

Performance 4 Stonefeast.

Performance 5 Abundance of Wind.

Performance 6 Make A Great Shew. 

Performance 7 Receptacle of All The People

Performance 8 Being Cleansed of Lice.

Performance 9 Deale The Doings. 

 Performance 10. Mightily Perplexed With Dreams. 

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