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Reason Is An Impasse, Reason Is Damnation. 2019 

Hanover Project, Preston. 22nd March - 18th April 2019

Cross Street Arts, Wigan. 3rd May - 1st June 2019

Reason Is An Impasse, Reason Is Damnation was a research project and exhibition by artists Faye Spencer and Anna FC Smith, examining the ancient fool archetype and what he offers a divided society.


Using his sceptres as a foundational motif, their collaborative research resulted in an exhibition of mixed media works, using humour, history and popular culture to engage with empathic folk wisdom. They reinvigorated the primal lore of the absurd and initiated a reconciliation with folly. 

Touring Hanover Project in Preston and Cross Street Arts in Wigan, the exhibition’s accompanying programme included talks, performances, workshops and a publication. 


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