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The Thingumbob - Mystery Machine. 2020

This pageant vehicle and performance was a part of the film '42' directed by Al and Al in collaboration with Wigle Dance and myself. The film was live streamed on Boxing Night 2020 on United We Stream with DJ sets from the most prominent and respected DJs from Wigan and was watched by 75,000 people. 

Boxing Day fancy dress is a folk tradition that has been taking place in Wigan since 1978/9 (according to research undertook by me). With the lockdown of 2020 the tradition was being halted in its 42nd year. Al and Al, directors of the FireWithin Wigan brought together artists, dancers, film makers and DJs to recreate the feel of the event to be streamed live on Boxing Night so the tradition didn't skip a year.  Donations were raised to support the Greater Manchester  hospitality sector.  

My pageant vehicle was a socially distanced fancy dress costume embodying the thousands of missing revellers in one great 42 monster. Using 42 as an inspiration, the creature was part mysterious 'Snark' from the works of Lewis Caro l, an unknowable beast of unknown size and character. To me this embodied the idea of the mass of party-goers on boxing night, who become one enormous undefinable creature. 

DJ Kenty and MC Finchy - DJ Caino - DJ Kyle H - DJ Harvey - DJ Danny Mac - DJ Jake Slater

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